The July Doldrums

Amy and I just got back from a week and half long vacation. My sister and her family came out for a visit and whirlwind tour of California.

We did not have a chance to get out and do any sailing during this time and we likely won’t until August since we have some friends from the East Coast also flying in over the next two weeks.

We’re committed though and have all of the financials figured out for joining Club Nautique and taking more classes.

Although it has nothing in particular to do with sailing, I leave you with this image of one of the Bay area’s most historic landmarks that’s only accessible by boat!


This is the sign that visitors to island were greeted with. The Indian reference is graffiti added during the Native American occupation of the island in the late 1960′s.

We took the tour when the relatives were here and we both really enjoyed it. There is an audio tour of the inside of the building but there are also park rangers who give you walking tours on the outside of the buildings. The entire experience was worth the money and I would recommend it to anyone, tourist and locals alike!